The Internships Glossary

Every important internships term explained.

  • Career Fair

    An event where employers and potential interns meet to discuss internship opportunities.

  • Case Study Interview

    An interview type where candidates solve real-world business scenarios.

  • Co-Op Program

    A structured method of combining classroom-based education with practical work experience.

  • Compensation

    Any form of payment or benefit given to interns.

  • Competitive Internships

    Highly sought-after internships with rigorous selection processes.

  • Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)

    An agreement ensuring that the intern will not disclose proprietary company information.

  • Conflicts Resolution

    Addressing and solving issues during the internship.

  • Cover Letter

    A written document sent with a resume to provide additional information on one's skills and experience.

  • Cross-Training

    When an intern learns skills outside of their primary role, gaining broader experience within the organization.

  • Dress Code

    A set of guidelines prescribed by an organization outlining how employees, including interns, should present themselves while at work.

  • Eligibility Criteria

    A set of conditions that need to be fulfilled to apply for the internship.

  • Exit Interview

    A meeting between the intern and the employer at the end of the internship to discuss experiences and gather feedback.

  • Experiential Learning

    Learning derived from hands-on experience.

  • Externship

    Short-term training programs, often for students in professional fields like medicine or law.

  • Feedback Loop

    Regularly collecting feedback from interns to improve the internship program.

  • Field-Specific Internship

    Internship tailored for specific fields like Marketing, Engineering, Medicine, etc.

  • Flexible Hours

    Non-fixed working hours.

  • Follow-Up

    Action of getting in touch post-interview or application.

  • Full-Time Internship

    Internship requiring a commitment similar to a full-time job, often 40 hours per week.

  • Intern Responsibilities

    A list of tasks and duties an intern is expected to perform.

  • Intern's Rights

    Legal and ethical rights that an intern has during the course of the internship.

  • Internship Agreement

    A formal document outlining the terms and conditions of an internship.

  • Internship Alumni

    Individuals who have previously completed internships with the organization and can serve as resources or networking contacts for current interns.

  • Internship Certificate

    A certificate awarded upon completion of the internship, recognizing the knowledge and skills acquired.

  • Internship Cycle

    The timeline of an internship from application to completion.

  • Internship Duration

    The length of the internship, e.g., 3 months, 6 months, etc.

  • Internship Fair

    Similar to a career fair, but focused solely on internship opportunities.

  • Internship Renewal

    Extending the duration of an existing internship.

  • Internship

    An opportunity for students or recent graduates to gain professional experience in a specific field.

  • Interview

    A process where potential interns meet with employers to discuss their qualifications, experiences, and interest in the internship role.

  • Job Shadowing

    Observing professionals in their jobs to gain insight into their roles and responsibilities.

  • Mentor

    A professional assigned to guide and support the intern during their internship.

  • Mentorship

    Guidance provided by experienced professionals.

  • Networking

    Building and nurturing professional connections during the course of an internship.

  • Non-Compete Clause

    Agreement not to join competitors post-internship.

  • Offer Letter

    A formal letter offering an internship position to a candidate.

  • On-Site Internship

    An internship that requires physical presence at the company's location.

  • Onboarding

    The process of integrating and accustoming a new intern to the company culture and work environment.

  • Open-Ended Internship

    An internship without a fixed end date, allowing for flexibility based on performance and company needs.

  • Orientation

    An introductory session or period to familiarize interns with the company, its culture, and their roles.

  • Reference

    A recommendation from a contact, often a previous employer or professor, vouching for one’s qualifications and character.

  • Rejection Letter

    A formal notification sent to applicants who have not been selected.

  • Remote Internship

    An internship that can be done from anywhere, typically online.

  • Resume

    A document used by individuals to present their background and skills.

  • Selection Ratio

    Number of hires compared to the total number of applicants.

  • Shortlisting

    Narrowing down candidates based on criteria.

  • Skills Development

    Enhancing certain skills through tasks and responsibilities during the internship.

  • Skillset Matching

    Aligning a candidate's skills with the job requirements.

  • Soft Skills

    Interpersonal skills like communication, teamwork, etc.

  • Stipend

    A fixed regular sum paid as a salary or allowance to an intern.

  • Summer Internship

    Internship opportunities available during the summer break.

  • Supervisor

    Individual overseeing the intern's work.

  • Undergraduate Internship

    Internship opportunities for bachelor's students.

  • Unpaid Internship

    Internships without monetary compensation, but often offering other forms of value such as experience, networking, or academic credit.

  • Visa Assistance

    Help provided in obtaining visas for international internships.

  • Work Culture

    The environment and ethos of the working place.

  • Work Hours

    Designated hours the intern is expected to work.

  • Work-Life Balance

    Equilibrium between one's professional responsibilities and personal life.

  • Work Visa

    Legal permission for international students or graduates to work in another country for an internship.